Dropshipping Service Now Available

What is Dropshipping and why do you need it?

Imagine being able to sell hundreds of new items, without having to take gambling your investment in stock. Without having to pay to store that stock. Without having to pack and ship the sales yourself. Heaven.

Dropshipping allows you to sell items, once they have sold, you then order them with us. We will send the directly to your customer. 

dropshipping service appliance spares

How Does Our Dropshipping Service Work?

  • Your customer makes an order with you
  • You sign into you account, submit the order on our website (inputting your customer's delivery details into the shipping address)
dropshipping company uk
  • We will email you our invoice in PDF format
  • We send the order directly to your customer in plain packaging and no invoice

There are no inflated prices, and items can be sent from just £3.95 to anywhere in the UK. 

It means we not only save you money but we can also save you time!