60 Second GHD Repair - How to Replace Broken GHD Plug

GHD Plug Broken? Did you know that this is one of the simplest and low cost repairs and you can do it in the comfort of your home? 

GHD products are sold with a 3 pin UK plug and if this plug breaks your product is rendered unusable, meaning you will have a pricey repair bill or replacement on your hands…Wrong!

Broken GHD Plug on models made between 2001-2013 

All you need to do is unscrew your Ghd plug, there is a single screw located underneath between the 3 pins.

Once open inside you’ll see that there is a 2 pin EU plug, all you need to do is purchase a new GHD plug, pop out the 2 pin plug and pop it back into the new 3 pin plug. Tighten up the screw and use your GHD product. 

This can all be done in under a minute. 

*Top tip alert. If you are going on holiday to an european country, Before you go renove the uk pug and use the 2 pin EU plug whilst you are on holiday. Not only does this mean that you dont have to use a travel adaptor, but it also means that the power connection is more direct reducing the possibility of power surges that can cause issues to the circuita boar inside the hair straighteners. 

Broken GHD Plug on Newer Models?

repair broken ghd plug

If you have a newer model GHD product then you are probably swearing at me right now.

You will find that the newer models have a moulded plug on. This is great for use in the UK, but if your plastic pin has snapped off or your metal pins have been bent, its not quite as easy on newer models to repair. 

Your options

  • Buy a new GHD cable with a plug already on it. This isnt a difficult repair depending on your model. Note that if your GHDs are still within the 2 year warranty then this will void your warranty with GHD... they dont cover "accidental damage" such as broken plug pins under their warranty anyway so there's really nothing left to lose. 
  • Get a generic plug from a DIY store, cut the plug off your old cable and then wire on your new plug. Again this voids your warranty with GHD but it gets them usable again. 
  • Get a expert GHD repair company to replace the cable for you. There a number of trusted companies that can do this. It will cost around £25 and you can send them off no matter where you are in the UK. Visit who offer this service. You will receive them back in no time at all. The bonus of doing it this way is that the repair company will give you a 6 month warranty with them. Win win!

GHD hair straighteners are such an expensive appliance to replace for a new pair. There really isnt many issues with them that cannot be fixed. We offer a selected range of GHD parts on the site and are always happy to help with any advise where needed. 

Like I always say......Repair Dont Replace!