4 Easy Steps How to Replace Oven Light Bulb In Under 2 Minutes

Has your oven light bulb stopped working? Lets fix it! 

Changing your broken oven light bulb is one of the easiest jobs, however most people put it off. 

Im going to tell you, step by simple step just how easy it is to fill your oven with light again.

Step one

Make sure your oven is switched off and unplugged. And that it has cooled down if it has been in use. Remove any shelves to make live easier.

Next locate your oven bulb (its usually in the top corner at the rear of the oven). Now, Remove the cover, this may be fixed with a metal ring or clips.. It may be a simple screw fit... gently rotate to remove.

Tip : I always like to clean my bulb cover while it's out, making sure ofcourse that it is dry before replacing. 

Step Two

Very gently remove the bulb, these are small and delicate so you may want to wear gloves or use a cloth. Remove by turning anticlockwise. If you have a very tiny bulb it may be a push fit type (see below) 

Step Three

Which bulb do you have? You may have already purchased a bulb, but if you haven't this step can dramatically decrease the chance of bad language when you find out that you have the incorrect size. 

There are 2 common fitments. Most are a screw fit type (E14 oven bulb). These can be quite small or bigger depending on your oven brand. The other less common type is a push fit (G9 oven bulb

Tip: Always ensure that your new bulb states that it is an Oven Bulb. These are temperature rated to 300c to cope with extreme heat. 

Step Four 

Take you new bulb, again be very gently as you install this as they are delicate. Turn the bulb clockwise until you feel slight resistance, you do not need to over tighten. Obviously if you have a push fit bulb just gently push in.

Finally you can replace your bulb cover, plug your oven in and turn on.

This should hopefully fix your oven light issue.

Repair don't Replace!